NFT Alley Weekly Round Up. W10

Development Updates:

  1. Integrated Support for Gifs and Videos in UI
  2. UI Integration for Buying/Selling an NFT is complete
  3. Designed layout for user profile page
  4. Started volume testing of platform

Launch Updates:

  1. We are in active discussions to complete the IDO by the 4th week of March. Whitelisting details will be out soon. “Stay tuned :P”

FAQs from last week:

1. IPFS, since it is slow, what is the average time, NFT will take to mint?

We will use a dedicated IPFS system that we will mostly host, and also, we are going to use gateways so that uploading will be faster than regular IPFS upload. We can now complete the who minting cycle in 20 seconds, but this will improve as we progress.

2. How does one mint art, image or GIF NFTs?

A complete video tutorial will be live on the site.

3. There is size limit of gifs/videos to use in NFTs?

Yes, there will be a limit. We are doing some internal discussions/scenario based testing to come up with the same.

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