NFT Alley Weekly Round Up. W09

We get many great questions via our Telegram, so we decided to gather the most commonly asked ones and publish our responses here for all of you to read.

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Does BSC support NFTs?

A. Yes it does.

Do you support NFT as fractional?

A. Yes, we would support them in the future, this is a complex topic and would be answered in detail in post V1 launch.

What is minting?

A. The process of tokenizing your work (using blockchain signature), i.e. it becomes part of the blockchain, which in turn makes it tamper-proof and unchangeable.

What is unlockable content?

A. As a content creator, you can add unlock-able content to your collectibles, that only becomes visible after a transfer of ownership (i.e. selling or gifting your NFT). Artists use this feature to include high res files, making ofs. videos, secret messages etc.

How will you control people once Token(NFT) is bought , is there any chance, if another person buys same token again?

A. A brief on how this would work: When data is added to IPFS, the protocol returns a hash of the data that was just added. This hash is cryptographically guaranteed to be unique to the content. If the same content is added to IPFS again, the same unique hash will be returned. In other words, IPFS allows us to store data and then later retrieve it, with the knowledge that our data wasn’t tampered with.

Questions that will be answered as detailed posts once our V1 goes live:

  1. Do you support NFTs as fractional?
  2. Interaction across bridges

Development Updates:

  1. Successfully minted our first NFT on Testnet.
  2. Added Support for Gifs and Videos.
  3. UI Integration for Minting an NFT is complete.
  4. V1 contracts for settlement of NFTs is complete (i.e Buying/Selling of NFTs)

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