NFT ALLEY Testnet is now Live.

We are excited to share that NFT ALLEY is launching it’s V1 testnet on BSC.

Testnet Link:

Beta Testing opens on 04/06/2021 and closes on 18/06/2021

We, The NFT ALLEY TEAM are honored to welcome our Community members on board. Your participation and your valuable feedback on our platform will help us to improvise and identify the bugs and assist us in building a seamless UI experience.

Community members will also be rewarded based on the contribution made towards helping the platform. The number of bugs identified, testing procedure employed will contribute in claiming the rewards. A total of about $3000 in Alley Tokens (This will be increased if we see more participation) are deployed under this reward scheme. Users can click on support section at the top of the testnet page(screenshot below) to add issues/suggestions.

We look forward to working with our Community in the upcoming product launch journey. Your support to promote the overall improvement of the platform before the Mainnet launch is deeply valued by the NFT ALLEY TEAM.

Get started with our testnet in three simple steps:

  1. Connect wallet and use our auto-switch feature to setup BSC testnet network.

2. Visit and paste wallet address and click on Give me BNB to get testnet BNB.

3. Click on your connected wallet in testnet site to claim your testnet $ALLEY tokens.

Happy Testing/Minting! :)

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