NFT Alley Collaboration with Pinata

The amalgamation of IPFS and blockchain technologies is a natural partnership. Together the outcome is a powerful distributed permanent digital ledger that is accessible across heterogeneous systems.

We are happy to announce that NFT Alley has chosen industry-leading IPFS service provider Piñata for our IPFS needs.

Pinata, InterPlanetary File System, is a peer-to-peer distributed system that connects networks using the same system of files forming a generalized Merkle-DAG. The DAG structure is a system of connected objects, connected usually by their hash.

Integration of their services would enable us explore new possibilities and offer numerous advantages to our platform users (listed below):

  1. Data deduplication: addressing data by hashes, providing integrity, distributed persistence (e.g. removing duplication ).
  2. Self-distribution: removal of dependencies to content distributors (e.g. NFT Digital files can be transferred between multiple users, not required to go through centralized servers).
  3. Peer-to-peer transfers: proximal users can share content with each other, reducing bandwidth requirements.
  4. Archiving: immutable data storage and offline data access,
  5. Directory browsing: faster browsing of data.

We at NFT Alley are quite excited about the Tech collaboration and are committed to work closely with them for bringing more quality services for our users.

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