Dear NFT Alley Community,

We have taken some key decisions with respect to tokenomics and vesting in the community’s best interest, and we are confident that this would help us in driving the long term sustainability of the project.

Ecosystem and Rewards Pool:

  1. Tokens allocated: 4,500,000
  2. Old Vesting Schedule: 3…

The amalgamation of IPFS and blockchain technologies is a natural partnership. Together the outcome is a powerful distributed permanent digital ledger that is accessible across heterogeneous systems.

We are happy to announce that NFT Alley has chosen industry-leading IPFS service provider Piñata for our IPFS needs.

Pinata, InterPlanetary File System…

Hello, $ALLEY Community!

We are pleased to announce some updates regarding our exclusive Community Rewards Program. We understand the value of a strong community, and would like to acknowledge and laud your efforts in growing NFT Alley at such a rapid rate. …

Development updates:

  1. Marketplace Landing/Explore page design complete.
  2. Added claim testnet $ALLEY feature, for beta testers.
  3. API Security reviews in progress.
  4. Wallet Connect integration complete.
  5. Added auto network switch for testnet users.

NFT Alley

Empowering Multi-Chain NFT Marketplaces To Make Crypto-Collectibles Accessible

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